Advisory Panel

LAMP Advisory Panel

Our advisory panel is made up of leaders in the CEA industry. We count on them to provide us with guidance and to keep us accountable as we develop effective technologies and strategies to successfully reach our research and outreach objectives. This part of our team helps us to set priorities and they work with us on short- and long- term goals.

Jim Barrett, PhD

Professor Emeritus & Retired CEA Consultant

Brian Gold

President & CEO
Pineae Greehouses

Brian Gold is the President CEO of Pineae Greenhouses, Inc. Pineae was started by the Gold family in 1952 and is a leader in wholesale nursery and greenhouse plant production. They provide retailers in the Rocky Mountain Region with annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs. When you look up information about Brian and the Gold family, you’ll find words being used such as forward-thinking, innovation, sustainability and quality. For more information you can go to

Ed Harwood, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Will Healy

Senior Technical & Research Specialist
Ball Horticulture

Royal Heins, PhD

Professor Emeritus and CEA Consultant

Dr. Royal Heins is Professor Emeritus of Horticulture at Michigan State University, Adjunct Professor Utah State University, and the former owner and partner of Oro Farms. His research on crop production and plant physiology in greenhouse environments has had a significant and lasting impact on the industry. He has received numerous honors and awards, most recently Greenhouse Grower’s Medal of Excellence Industry Achievement Award. Dr. Heins continues to remain active as a consultant working with greenhouse growers. You can also read more about Dr. Heins in this University of Minnesota spotlight article.

Ken James

James Greenhouses

Terril Nell

Professor Emeritus and CEA Consultant

Suzanne Stone, PhD

Senior Plant Scientist

Jessica Tatro, PhD

Production Research & Development Manager Pleasant View Gardens

Lloyd Traven

Peace Tree Farm

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