Instructional Videos

Lighting approaches to maximize profits

70 minutes
April 2020
Dr. Marc van Iersel discusses how to optimize supplemental lighting in greenhouse production.

Turning photons into food

32 minutes
October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee discusses calculations to determine crop yield potential with lighting as the limiting factor.

Toward an optimal spectral quality for plant growth and development

23 minutes
October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee discusses the dual effects of photon quality on photosynthesis and plant shape.

Far-red: the forgotten photons

28 minutes
October 2019
Research on far-red photons and its effects on plant growth and development.

Predicting stem elongation and leaf expansion: percent far-red is a better predictor than PPE

20 minutes
November 2019.
Dr. Bruce Bugbee discusses percent far-red photons as a predictor of stem elongation and leaf expansion.

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