LAMP Outreach Instructional Videos

Chlorophyll Fluorescence Imaging: A Novel, Simple and Non-Destructive Method for Canopy Size Imaging

15 minutes | July 2019
Dr. Marc van Iersel. Setting up a simple and inexpensive canopy imaging system.

Lighting Approaches to Maximize Profits

70 minutes | April 2020
Dr. Marc van Iersel. Optimizing supplemental lighting in greenhouse production.

Turning Photons into Food

32 minutes | October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Calculations to determine crop yield potential with lighting as the limiting factor.

Toward an Optimal Spectral Quality for Plant Growth and Development

23 minutes | October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Dual effects of photon quality on photosynthesis and plant shape.

Far-red the Forgotten Photons

28 minutes | October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Research on far-red photons and its effects on plant growth and development.

Predicting Stem Elongation and Leaf Expansion Percent Far-Red is a Better Predictor than PPE

20 minutes | November 2019 
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Far-red photons as a predictor of stem elongation and leaf expansion.

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