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Outreach Instructional Videos

Our instructional videos help us to achieve our project goals by providing growers with information to maximize their profits through selecting new innovation and technology to improving crop yield and quality, reducing electricity costs and reduce environmental impact.

Optimizing Crop Growth, Yield and Quality

Better Ways to Provide Your Crop with the Lights It Needs

60 minutes – May 2021
Dr. Marc van Iersel. Although the DLI is a useful concept, not all DLIs are the same. Learn more about DLIs and photoperiods.

Urban CEA: Optimizing Plant Quality, Economic and Environmental Outcome

70 minutes – February 2021
Dr. Neil Mattson. Discussions about CEA economics, natural resource use, carbon footprint, nutrition and workforce development.

The Important of Light Quality in CEA Systems

60 minutes – November 2020
Dr. Ricardo Hernendaz. Outlining the importance of light quality with examples of the commercial applicability of spectral manipulation.

The Influence of Temperature and Daily Light Integral on Culinary Herb Production

60 minutes – May 2020
Kellie Walters & Dr. Roberto Lopez. A discussion on how growth, development and color of culinary herbs is influenced by ADT and DLI.

Lighting Approaches to Maximize Profits

70 minutes – April 2020
Dr. Marc van Iersel. Project overview and discussions on how to optimize supplemental lighting in greenhouse production.

Strawberry and Tomato Responses to Light and CO2 Control

68 minutes – October 2019
Dr. Neil Mattson and Jonathan Allred. CEA technological innovations and best practices.

Turning Photons to Food

32 minutes – October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Information and calculations to determine crop yield potential with lighting as the limiting factor.

Supplemental Greenhouse Lighting during Propagation

68 minutes – July 2019
Dr. Erik Runkle & Dr. Roberto Lopez. Find out how to properly manage supplemental greenhouse lighting during propagation.

Toward an Optimal Spectral Quality for Plant Growth and Development

23 minutes – October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. The dual effects of photon quality on photosynthesis and plant shape.

Far-red: the Forgotten Photon

28 minutes – October 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Far-red photons and its effects on plant growth and development.

Predicting Stem Elongation & Leaf Expansion: Percent Far-red is a Better Predictor than PPE

20 minutes – November 2019
Dr. Bruce Bugbee. Discussing far-red photons as a predictor for stem elongation and leaf expansion.

Economics & CEA Lighting

Improving Profit and Reducing Environmental Impact

Horticultural Lighting Systems Energy Savings Calculations Source

75 minutes – February 2020
Dr. A.J. Both & Dr. Neil Mattson. Factors affecting supplemental lighting cost using calculation tools.

Engineering & CEA Lighting

Innovations & Lighting Technologies

LED Basics Applied to Horticulture Lighting Systems

70 minutes – January 2020
Dr. Bob Karlicek. LED design and manufacturing plus prospects for reducing LED lamp costs in the future.

A Proposed Horticultural Lighting Label

60 minutes – September 2018
Dr. A.J. Both. A proposed lighting label for CEA lighiting systems.

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