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Project LAMP is a transdisciplinary project with professionals in the plant sciences, management information systems, economics, and electrical, computer and mechanical engineering. Our team works together to develop novel approaches to improve lighting in controlled environment agriculture. This page is dedicated to shining some light on our talented contributors. For starters, here is an article in UGA Today about Project LAMP.

DOE 2021 Lighting R&D Workshop Student Poster Competition. February 2021. Congratulations to Ruqayah Bhuiyan and Nathan Eylands, winners in the DOE Lighting Workshop student poster competition! Ruqayah is a Master’s student in UGA Horticulture and was a grand prize winner for her poster Lettuce Tolerates Fluctuating Light, Potentially Reducing Energy Costs in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Nate, a PhD student in Horticulture at Cornell, received Honorable Mention for his poster Influence of Far-Red Intensity During the Seedling Stage of Photomorphogenic Characteristics in Leafy Greens. Congratulations to your both and kudos to all of our GRAs who submitted posters to this competition!

Evaluating Success Across the US: Impact Evaluation Unit ensures federal dollars are effective. May 2020. The UGA Impact Evaluation Unit (IEU) continuously assess our progress. Read about IEU in the ALEC Spring Newsletter. University of Georgia Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communication.

LED Lighting in Greenhouses Helps But Standards are Needed.  January 2020. “Rutgers research reveals information gaps on LED lighting for indoor crops”. Dr. AJ Both in Rutgers Today.

2019 UGA Terry College of Business Faculty Service Award. January 2020.  Dr. Rick Watson, Regents Professor and J. Rex Fuqua Distinguished Chair for Internet Strategy was awarded the Terry College of Business Faculty Service Award in December 2019.

2019 D.W Brooks Faculty Award for Excellence in Research. October 2019.  Dr. Marc van Iersel, Project LAMP director will receive the 2019 D.W. Brooks Award for Excellence in Research from the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of Georgia.

Making Broader Impacts. September 2019.  The Impact Evaluation Unit (IEU) at the University of Georgia supports faculty to develop boarder impact statements for funding proposals. IEU also offers full service evaluation research to document project outcomes and impacts. Project LAMP is lucky to have IEU on our team. UGA Impact Evaluation Unit

Remembering Dr. Paul Thomas. September 2019.  We remember our dear colleague and friend, Paul, who passed away suddenly on September 14, 2019. Rest in peace.

Geoff Weaver published in Biosystems Engineering. August 2019.  Geoff Weaver, PhD student in crop physiology lab, just published a paper titled ‘A photochemistry-based method for optimizing greenhouse supplemental light intensity’ in Biosystems Engineering.

Jun Liu-UGA, PP Systems Inovator’s Travel Award. August 2019. Congratulations to Jun Liu, PhD Graduate Research Assistant with Dr. Marc van Iersel, for winning the Innovator Travel Award from PP Systems for the 2019 Annual American Society for Horticultural Science (ASHS) Las Vegas, NV.

Claudia Elkins-UGA Online Extra. August 2019.  Claudia Elkins, MS GRA in UGA Horticulture was awarded 3rd place in the Graduate Student Controlled Environment Competition at the 2019 Annual American Society for Horticultural Science(ASHS) Las Vegas, NV.

Controlled Environment Agriculture is Out of this World. July 2019.  Utah State Today highlights Dr. Bruce Bugbee’s NASA research in this article titled, Farming Mars.

Neil Mattson and the future of CEA in Urban Farming. June 2019.  Dr. Neil Mattson was in the spotlight as a key participant in the Indoor AgTech Innovation Summit in June 2019.

Clean Technologies, It’s What We Do. May 2019.  Dr. Javad Mohammapour Velni is highlighted in this article for his work involving cleaner and more efficient combustion engines. He’s also helping us to improve lighting efficiency.

UGA Entrepreneur of the Year Award. April 2019.  The University of Georgia recognizes a faculty member each year who has started a company based on their research program. Our project director, Dr. Marc van Iersel was named for this in spring of 2019.

The Perfect Fit. January 2019.  The University of Georgia highlights Dr. WenZhan Song and Dr. Marc van Iersel for their collaborative work on Song and van Iersel’s work on smart cyber-physical systems in controlled environment agriculture.

TED Talks: Turning Water Into Food. October 2018.  Dr. Bruce Bugbee gives at TED talk on the global importance of water.

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