Understanding Your Lights

Measuring DLI in a Greenhouse. Ariana P. Torres and Roberto G. Lopez, Purdue Extension Facsheet. “This publication examines the characteristics of green-house lighting and describes how the daily light integral (DLI) can be used in greenhouse production.” Table 2 provides DLI requirements for various greenhouse crops.

Lighting Units Conversion Calculator, by Environmental Growth Chambers. The calculator is used to convert between different lighting units and lamp types, using data from the Plant Growth Chamber Handbook, 1997.

To LED or Not to LED, American Floral Endowment, 2019. Dr. Erik Runkle outlines a five-part series that he wrote with colleagues for GrowerTalks magazine. The five articles discuss LED lighting impacts on plant growth and the economics of LED lighting when growing indoor plants.

Embracing a New Understanding of PAR. “Research at Utah State University is transforming our understanding of photosynthesis and light”, by Jolene Hansen. Greenhouse Management, November 2019.

Q&A: Making Way for the Sun. Dr. Marc van Iersel discusses light dimming research. Interview by Patrick Williams. Greenhouse Management, November 2019

DLI ‘Requirements’. technically speaking by Erik Runkle, May 2019. Greenhouse Production News (GPN):50. This article outlines the factors that play into determining DLI requirements.

A Little Far-Red Light Goes a Long Way. Mengzi Zhang, Yujin Park & Erik Runkle, May 2019. Grower Talks, vol.83, no.1:58-61. This articles looks at the pros and cons of using far-red light.

LEDs: Blue & Far-Red Light. Yujin Park, Erik Runkle, April 2019. Grower Talks, vo.82, no.12:58-60. How do blue and far-red light affect the quality of ornamental seedlings?

Growing Ornamental Seedlings Under White LEDs. Yujin Park, Erik Runkle, November 2018. Greenhouse Grower:23-26.

Indoor Grow Rooms Can Improve the Success of Young Plant Propagation. David Kuack, July 2019. Greenhouse Production News (GPN):32-34. “Indoor grow rooms equipped with LEDs can produce consistent young transplants, making it easier for growers to plan their planting schedules and delivery orders.”

Horticulture’s History with Disruptive Technology: LED Lighting Takes Its Turn. duets by Peter Konjoian and Alex Bodell, June 2019. Greenhouse Production News (GPN):16-18. A conversation about the role of LED lighting in horticulture.

Selecting an LED Fixture. technically speaking by Erik Runkle, February 2019. Greenhouse Production News (GPN):42. This article outlines considerations for choosing LED fixtures.

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